Annie Tingchaleun

As the youngest of three and the only daughter, I think it’s safe to say that Annie grew up surrounded by a lot of masculine hand-me-downs, playful aggression, and bad haircuts. 

Towards the end of high school, as her brothers moved out to do their undergrads, Annie began to discover who she was independently as she found herself with opportunities to make her own decisions (and buy her own clothes). 

Annie enjoys working with youth; building relationships and offering guidance as they experience the roller coaster ride we all call "Adolescence". 

She also likes pizza. 

Annie speaks two languages fluently; English and Sarcasm. 


The name "Melissa" was adopted in high school when Annie dramatically longed for a middle name because everyone had one except her . 

Realizing "Annie Tingchaleun" would be difficult for friends and clients to spell, and "Annie Ting" came with a few too many puns, she excitedly embraced her wishful "middle name" and "ANNIE MELISSA" was born! 

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