Jess and Sam Lee, SEPTEMBER 2014 [ #iLoveMyShortie ]


My wedding planning started when I got engaged and shortly realized that I could not do this on my own if I wanted a stress-free planning process.  When I approached Annie to plan my wedding she was ecstatic to help me make my dream wedding come true. 

She is the most attentive, detailed, and patient person you will ever meet, especially when you are indecisive about wedding related things. She helped me narrow down my guest list and all my crazy DIY Pinterest ideas and ultimately created a central theme out of all the ideas that I randomly blurted out to her. She was able to envision the wedding I wanted within two meetings I had with her. She ensured that all my décor ideas matched the venue/theme and ultimately bringing my dream wedding to reality meanwhile staying within the budget. 

Annie Melissa is truly an investment more than anything. I trust her in planning all my future events; our friendship continues to grow even after the wedding. Thank you Annie Melissa for making the entire wedding planning process so much fun. Sam and I are truly blessed to have had such an amazing planner and have a friend who made our special day a memory that we can happily cherish forever. 

Photographer: Entourage Photography

Ceremony Venue: Crescent School

Reception Venue: Evergreen Brick Works