Michelle and Dave Hiett, OCTOBER 2016 [ #HereComeTheHietts ]


Amazetastic! There are no existing words that adequately describe the amazing and fantastic job that Annie-Melissa did!! Michelle and I got married October 2016 and we hired Annie as our month-of coordinator; we have never made a better decision. She was professional and timely from the get-go and very easy to talk to. She took the time to get to know us and understand our likes and dislikes and she grew to become not only our coordinator, but also our friend. While I like to take a step back with things, my wife Michelle is extremely detail oriented and I had thought that any coordinator that we hire would have a tough time. Annie-Melissa however easily took everything in her stride due to her professionalism, communication and detailed schedule and task lists. We would highly recommend Annie to anyone looking for a coordinator as we believe there would not be any wedding too big or too small, simple or complex, that Annie wouldn't be able to master in a heartbeat.